ILC was established in 1975 and it is currently the industry leader in Italy for the manufacture of equipment and parts for centralized lubrication systems. In fact, because of its business partners that provide a strong presence in all of the major markets and territories, ILC has expanded in terms of turnover, size, and organization […]

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ILC offers every type of lubrication system, ranging from manual models to complex systems, fully automated and centralised that run on oil and grease. ILC products are used in all industrial systems, vehicular systems and several other fields such as mining, railway, machine tools, paper industries, wind energy and marine equipment. The benefits resulting from […]

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ILC has achieved worldwide recognition for the value, performance and quality of our products and our dedication to achieving high standards of quality in the design, engineering and manufacturing. We offer a complete line of standard and customised items, such as automatic pumps and multi-output pumps for oil and grease, progressive metering and volumetric elements, […]

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Our Company

ILC was established in 1975 and is acknowledged internationally as a specialised manufacturer of centralised oil or grease lubrication systems. Quality, precision and innovation are the values that distinguish us.

Dualine Lubrication

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Progressive Lubrication

The progressive lubrication systems distribute oils, grasselli or fats up to the NLGI 2 consistency, to lubricate the friction points of the machines. Progressive distributors can have from 3 to 20 outlets and guarantee a quantity of lubricant suitable for each point. The system is easily controllable by installing a special sensor. Pumps MINI-MAX (Electric) […]

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In the agricultural field, ILC offers multiple solutions. In fact, our lubrication systems of agriculture vehicles guarantee machine durability and zero downtime. ILC has developed lubrication systems and applications that are currently installed by leading manufacturers. They range from simple manual lubrication systems with a single point and centralised distribution to fully automatic grease systems […]

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Since 1975, ILC has been one of the leading manufacturers of components and equipment for centralised lubrication. Founded in 1975 by Marco Morelli, ILC achieved a worldwide leading position in a short time in the sector related to components for centralised lubrication. In fact, ILC has grown in terms of turnover, size and organisation and has become an important […]

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