Since 1975, ILC has been one of the leading manufacturers of components and equipment for centralised lubrication.
Founded in 1975 by Marco Morelli, ILC achieved a worldwide leading position in a short time in the sector related to components for centralised lubrication. In fact, ILC has grown in terms of turnover, size and organisation and has become an important company thanks to commercial companies that provide a direct presence in all major markets.

Factories in Gorla Maggiore and Minore (Varese), which occupy 5000 m2 of covered area, are operating the latest generation machines that allow you to produce, with great flexibility and precision, all the components for assembly lines. In line with market expectations, the service that ILC guarantees customers is excellent: it is based on collaboration, competence and flexibility and is supported by well-stocked warehouses, skilled technicians and quality inexpensive products.


The internal ILC organizational model is set on personal valuation; the work environment is designed carefully and enhances harmony, which is necessary for all round constructive cooperation. The choices and business strategies have always been focused on the future, investments and production policies that make a difference in a highly competitive market such as that of lubrication. ILC pursues absolute quality, implementing the valuation of the labour force that consists of over 40 employees in the district of Gorla and, of course, the enhancement of the technological level and production capacity.

Research and development

The emblem of this mission is the Research and Development Department, which is the true ILC innovation motor. A department that, by means of sophisticated design and prototyping systems, has the task of translating multiple customer requirements in a short time and with high reliability, thereby developing products for technologically advanced and innovative constructively lubrication systems.