In the construction field, ILC offers multiple solutions: in fact, our systems used to lubricate industrial vehicles guarantee machine durability and zero downtime.

ILC has developed lubrication systems and applications that are currently installed by leading manufacturers. They range from simple manual lubrication systems with a single point and centralised distribution to fully automatic grease systems that lubricate shafts -supports and bearings in medium-large sized machinery.

Lubrication systems for construction

ILC lubrication systems applied in these sectors are mainly grease-based and consist of progressive metering. Powered directly by a single-point, combined with manual and automatic pumps, they guarantee lubrication of various supports and a protective shield of grease that helps prevent dust and dirt from entering the bearings, thereby guaranteeing a longer life and efficiency of the vehicle. All the points can be reached with the centralised progressive distribution even if located in positions that would be manually unreachable. The installation of a control element in the circuit allows the whole system to be verified and remote transmission of the system alarm signal.

The results derived from the installation of a lubrication system are:

  • Increased productivity due to an increase in device life and lower unplanned downtime;
  • Reduced operating costs, reduced power consumption (less friction), fewer spare parts and less maintenance;
  • Less wear, regular and automatic, precise and controlled metering of lubricant at short intervals. Elimination of the risk that some points are lubricated excessively and others are ignored;
  • Increased safety, the operator does not have to be near areas that are difficult to access or dangerous.