In the food sector, ILC offers multiple solutions: in fact, our systems used to lubricate industrial machinery guarantee machine durability and zero downtime.

ILC has developed lubrication systems and applications that are currently installed by leading manufacturers. They range from simple manual lubrication systems with volumetric metering to fully automatic oil and grease systems with progressive metering devices to lubricate shafts-supports and bearings in medium-large sized machinery. The range is completed with minimal air-oil lubrication systems for conveyors and columns of rotating machines

ILC Lubrication systems for food

The particular type of sector requires systems and components that are very different from each other to guarantee safe lubrication, resistance to the various fluids present and compatibility with the regulations. The systems are mainly of grease progressive type powered by electrically-controlled pumps and, in certain applications, with metering valves of the INJECTOR CL-CM range. To these traditional systems, ILC also combines minimal air-oil lubrication systems to lubricate shafts in rotating machinery and for sliding lubrication in conveyor belts. All components used are protected by specific treatments and, in some cases, produced directly in AISI 303.

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Progressive system – Cl-cm injector system – Lubetools system