In the industrial field, ILC offers multiple solutions: in fact, our systems used to lubricate industrial vehicles guarantee machine durability and zero downtime.

ILC has developed lubrication systems and applications that are currently installed by leading manufacturers. They range from simple manual lubrication systems with volumetric metering to fully automatic oil and grease systems with progressive metering devices to lubricate shafts -supports and bearings in medium-large sized machinery. The range is completed with minimal air-oil lubrication systems to lubricate tools that remove and deform and gears – head rotating bearings and electric spindles.

ILC Lubrication system for industry

The wide range of industrial machinery involves different lubrication requirements and for this reason, thanks to ILC, all the various models of the system are used according to the specific requirements. From oil resistive systems to volumetric oil and soft grease systems to progressive systems with cycle control. Systems used specifically in the mechanical sector are those for minimal tool refrigeration and electric spindle bearings.