ILC offers every type of lubrication system, ranging from manual models to complex systems, fully automated and centralised that run on oil and grease. ILC products are used in all industrial systems, vehicular systems and several other fields such as mining, railway, machine tools, paper industries, wind energy and marine equipment.

The benefits resulting from proper, regular and measured lubrication as part of an integrated maintenance program can never be emphasised enough. Approximately 30% of premature faults in mechanical devices are caused by poor or inefficient lubrication. Thanks to ILC Lube solutions, the automation of this process allows the lubricant to be transferred at the right time, to all the points where it is required and as much as is necessary. A minimal but adequate amount of lubrication can lead to significant savings and offer substantial environmental benefits compared to traditional techniques that are less accurate.

Research and Innovation

The ILC structure has all the resources to perform all research and development phases of new products dedicated to industrial lubrication completely independently, regardless of whether they are intended for the expansion of the product range or intended for specific applications for certain customers or application sectors.
The lubrication systems at our disposal are distinguished as:

Progressive Lubrication

It is the most reliable and comprehensive system offered by ILC to measure grease and oil with actual control on operation. The 3 types of progressive metering can be combined with automatic or manual pumps or powered directly from a single point in the system. Suitable for industrial machinery and the vehicle sector.

Volumetric PDI lubrication

Consisting of manual or automatic pumps combined with volumetric metering valves, the ILC volumetric lubrication system can measure oil or grease. Normally installed in industrial machinery, it also allows for lubrication in systems with several points. You can control pump operation and circuit integrity.

Resistive Lubrication

It is the ILC basic system that can dispense only oil and, combined with manual or automatic pumps, the DPT resistive metering units allow for continuous or intermittent lubrication depending on the metering and type of supply. Particularly suitable for agricultural overhead contact lines and small systems

Minimal Lubrication

The minimal ILC LUBETOOLS units are designed to lubricate removal-deformation operating tools and rotation and movement components with a minimum amount of lubrication. The advantages derive from the elimination of emulsions by improving processing and extending tool life.

Air/Oil Lubrication

The ILC SPINDLE systems are designed to lubricate bearings and components that rotate at high/very high speeds. They are usually applied to lubricate bearings in electric spindles and mechanical processing heads. Combined with their control, they fully detect system operation.

Grease Volumetric Lubrication

Consisting on electric or hydrauylic pumps combined with big valves, the grease volumetric system can provide oil or grease. Normally installed in mining machinery, it allows lubrication in long distance systems very easily. it is also possible to control pump operation and circuit integrity.

Multi-line Lubrication

ILC multi-outlet pumps are designed for applications where simultaneous lubrication of several points is required without the use of metering units. They are used to deliver oil to catenaries and moving parts and can have different flow rates.

Fittings and Accessories

ILC Lube offers a full range of compression fittings and push-in fittings for high pressure use in conjunction with different types of pipes made of ap nylon – flexible and rigid. Various types of flow and pressure control and supply and intake filters complete the range of accessories.